The Great White North Exhibition is a national exhibition that is dedicated to showcasing the very best in contemporary Canadian jewellery design.

Artists from across the country, both professional and student, are invited to create jewellery that is inspired by and made in Canada. Each year a theme is chosen that challenges these artists to explore some facet of Canadian identity - our culture, our history, our stories.

This year's theme : IN FLUX, challenges artists to confront the very idea of a national identity, what it means to be Canadian in the context of intrinsic complexity and constant change. What does it mean to be Canadian - to be from a country whose history dates back millenia before Confederation, a country formed by many people, from many places? Can, or should we ask the question : What does it mean to be Canadian?

The 2016 Call for Entry

Exposition le Grand Nord Blanc est une exposition consacrée à exhiber les meilleurs bijoux canadiens contemporains.

Les pièces incluses dans l'exposition sont fabriquées spécialement, inspirées par un thème particulier, choisis chaque année pour représenter une facette du Canada - une exposition de bijoux inspirés par et fabriqués au Canada.

Le thème de cette année : EN FLUX , défie les artistes pour faire face à l'idée même d'une identité nationale, ce que cela signifie d'être Canadien dans le contexte de complexité intrinsèque et le changement constant. Qu'est-ce que cela signifie d'être Canadien - être d'un pays dont l'histoire remonte millénaires avant la Confédération, un pays formé par de nombreuses personnes, à partir de nombreux endroits? Devrions-nous et pouvons-nous demander ce que cela signifie d'être canadien?

2016 Exposition - Appel à Candidature

"Jewellery is an expression of an artist's creativity, but unlike other art forms, it possesses an unparalleled intimacy that connects the maker to the wearer.

It is created by one's hands to be worn on another's skin. It is passed down to us by our own ancestors and handed down to our loves ones as tokens and mementos; memories of who we were. Jewellery tells the story of who we are.

IN FLUX challenges the artists who create and those who view and wear these pieces to ask the same question, but in a national context. What does it mean to be Canadian? Who are we now and who do we hope to be? Where have we been and who do we hope to become?"

- Vanessa Laurin

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